Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Chapter

They last few weeks have been kind of crazy. I was offered a job at another winery that I could not refuse.Yes, I get lots of wine! I have been ready for a move like this for quite sometime. I had been struggling, constantly looking for what is next in life. Although I am not sure that this is it, I have made the move and right now this is the right direction/place for me.
So with this new job it is now a requirement to look professional. So you know what that means, I got to go shopping and guilt free. I am so excited to dress up for work. And for my first day this is what I wore.
Ignore the marker and other crap on the floor!
Blouse - from Forever 21 - $17.50
Cami - from JCPenny (Arizona) - $2.99
Pants - from Khols (Candies) - $22.00
Flats - from Target - Had them in the closet :)

Yay for new clothes!!