Friday, July 8, 2011

Part 2 Summer List

I am on a roll getting my list of 50 things I want to do this summer done. We did #31 - Have a backyard camp out.  

Setting up camp!

Sassy Frass (my niece) , #3 & #2
#11 - Go on a hike, Thank you Sister for getting me to do this it was so fun!
The view is amazing up there!
#8 - Have more BBQ's - Yay hubs!! You are so great!

#3 - Go to the beach. Baby #3 LOVED IT!! Well she loved sitting in her chair eating cheese puffs. It was too cold to put her in the water. Although she would have loved it.

#27 - Spontaneous day trip. My Sis and I loaded up sassy frass, #1 & #3. #2 went to visit his cousin for the weekend and had a blast!

#3 had fun too! For being in the car as long as she was she did really well. :)
 #26 - Laugh more. Baby girl was so silly with the 3D glasses on, I can hardly remember the last time the hubs laughed so hard!!

#18 - Go swimming!! We hung out by the pool almost all day! We all loved it.

#43 - Try some new veggies - We did try Okra. I did not like it. Blah. Maybe I cooked it wrong? I am taking suggestions.

The more and more I do from my list the more I want to spend time with my kids. AHHH! I am only kidding. I love to have my time away from the brats. And this weekend I intend on doing just that!