Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh sweet day

I am so happy today. The hubs has been working so much overtime and is really starting to get burnt out. He will be home early today and I am beyond excited. Why? Well because when you have 3 kids life can be a little hard.

Getting off work, picking up the kids, getting snacks, finding something to keep #2 busy while I make dinner, serving them, feeding #3 and myself, cleaning the horriable mess #3 makes before #2 walks through it and takes it to the living room. You get the idea.

My oldest #1 has been so great she must want something, she has been helping out alot with #3 because I cannot go to the bathroom with out baby girl standing outside the door crying her eyes out! Really, I cannot even use the bathroom in peace. Throw me a freakin' bone here! So the last few days have been a little rough for me and I feel kind of bad for complaining at all when the hubs has been working from 6am until 10pm :( But you know what I do the same thing.

 I just don't get paid like he does but I am working all day long. Up at 4:15am and finally resting at 8:30pm. Once I have forced them all to bed.

So getting back to my, Why I am so happy he will be home. Well #1 doesn't exactly compare to daddy for baby girl. She has been searching the house for him the last 3 days. Going up and down the hallways, looking in the backyard, and just waiting at dinner time for daddy to come walking in the door. Today that will happen and she will be just the happiest little girl (all 3 of them will) for diffrent reasons of course.
This is an from a few months ago but this is what she does.

Oh, yeah and now I can use the bathroom without someone crying right outside the door or asking what I am doing. 


KLZ said...

I can't use the bathroom in peace even when my husband's home. Because then HE wants to know what I'm doing in there, when I'll be done and when dinner will be on.

Apparently, I'm just that important. Or....let's not think about the or, huh?

Jen said...

I have forgotten what it feels like to use the bathroom alone ;)
That's such a sweet picture.