Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Listography - Gigs

Rolling with Kate Takes 5 in this weeks listography, I have listed some Music Artists I would like to see live or regret not going to see when I could have.  My list is very random and I must tell you I like all kinds of music and was never much into country but it has grown on me thanks to the hubs, my sister and of course my mama. But I still don't have country music on my list. :)

1. Blink 182 - I think I only regret not going to this one because a girlfriend went when we were in High School and she has a fabulous story to go with it. Unfortunatly it isn't mine to share. Oh, and I have a tiny crush on Travis Barker.

2. Sublime - Why not? Soon to be a smokers classic if not already.

3. No Doubt - Who didn't love No Doubt? And I would love to see and admire Gwen Stefani's abs. I have birthed children too and my abs don't look like that! Pout, Pout, Stomp, Stomp!!!

4. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg - Here is my gangsta coming out but I love Dr. Dre and Snoop and I truley beleive it calmed #2 down when he was an infant because I listened to "nuthin but a g thang" on my way to work when he was in the womb. Yeah, yeah I should have been reading to him but I like this better. Oh and just so you know my kids do not listen to anything like this. Well  #1 did until she started dropping F bombs like nobodys business. Good Mommy :)

5. 50 Cent - Umm, look at his body. Again the gangsta in me.

Thanks Kate! This was fun! Now what about music that soley reminds you of High School?

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Kate said...

What an eclectic mix - most interesting!! (I used to love No Doubt too - was (am) so jealous of that stomach...)