Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Search for a Healthy Me

Reading Mommy blogs is something I have really come to enjoy. And reading Kate Takes 5 blog post about "the best decisions of my life" helped me realize one of my best decisions was to lose weight.

I had always been told "you really need to lose weight, you have high cholesterol, you have high blood pressure, and you are borderline diabetic". But none of that really changed anything for me until I became pregnant with #3. I started eating healthier, took a prenatal yoga class, and walked everyday a lot through out my entire pregnancy. I didn't by any means go on a diet. I just started taking care of myself. I gained 18lbs, which may not seem like a lot but when you start out overweight it doesn't help. 
Wow can you imagine that in Child's Pose? EEK!

I loved the yoga class I took. I met some great women trying to do the same thing I was doing, be healthy. Although most of them were tiny little things which made me feel like a beached whale, I managed to make it through 7 months of weekly classes. I was able to stretch muscles I would have never thought a pregnant woman could.
I knew early in my pregnancy that I would be a bridesmaid in my best friend Marin's wedding (which may have prompted all of this) so as soon as my doc gave me the go ahead I joined Weight Watchers. I slowly started to lose the weight (1-2lbs a week). Making sure I ate healthy was extremely important to me as I was nursing a little nugget. By my 5th postnatal week I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight (plus I lost a little more). I was beyond happy I fit into "The Dress".

Now I know you are probably thinking "get the big girl off of her!"
But now what? I was still losing weight but with no real goal on the horizon. All of the extra skin was really starting to get to me. So my little nugget and I started to walk. And this is where the real journey begins...