Friday, June 10, 2011

My Alien

Those of you that have read my "About me" know I have a preteen. Everyday is a constant struggle. Every day, every thing, every word, every look, every smell, well you get the idea. I went to pick her up from the after school program yesterday and #2 asks her about her day and she says "it was bad". Of course being the wonderful mom I am (in my mind) I ask why? What happened? (We are now on dangerous ground this could be a really good talk or can spiral out of control) I wanted to kick myself after asking but she answered. Phew. This might be okay.  There is a lot of back in forth in the story she said this, they said that, I said this, and of course the and like and I was like. After lots of gibberish what I came up with is this - One girl that doesn't like her is trying to turn all of her friends against her. Okay my heart is now breaking, the thought of someone hurting my brats feelings is not okay. But I don't dare say anything and just listened. Hey I think I might have learned something that worked today. Just listen. As the night went on things went really great, she vented and felt a little better (I hope).
And now thinking back to being in middle school I can remember the same drama. I hate to admit it but I was that mean girl not because it was in me to be mean but because I was so easily persuaded to do terrible things. I can only hope I have shown #1 she doesn't need to be that mean girl. It's not worth it.


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