Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Momma

I cannot remember the blog I read within the last week that got me thinking about all of the nonsense that comes out of my kids mouths. #2 is 5 and at that age were he just spews things I am so embarrassed about. When I was pregnant with #3, #2 dubbed me "Big Momma" with a "fat baby" in my belly . Well looking at the photo below I get it! My huge belly covered his body when he stood at my feet.
"Big Momma"

So keeping "Big Momma" and "fat baby" in mind, we are at Wal-mart standing in the dreaded pharmacy line, he is standing next to me holding my hand and #1 on my other side. He looks behind us and sees a lady and tells her "Wow, Lady you have a big belly too!" No, she wasn't pregnant and I should have apologized on the spot. Instead I gave him the look of death, pretend he didn't say anything AT ALL. Got my meds and headed out completely mortified. As soon as we got in the car I told him it was not okay to say things like that to anybody and he could only tell momma she has a big belly. What do you do when your kids say things they don't realize are terrible?


Jade said...

Haha, my sister did this to my Mum when we were at the supermarket, my sister was really tiny, but she said very loudly and clearly 'Mummy look at that fat lady', my Mum was so embarassed - what can you say when your child says something like that, they are so honest - too honest at times!

Anonymous said...

my neice looked at a lady that had really long nails and said "wow how do you wipe your butt" the lady was so quick to respond and said "i have a girl just your age that does it for me" it was embarrasing but the lady didnt get mad...aaahh kids.

Making It Work Mom said...

When my son was little he was obsessed with people with big bellies, especially with men and their "beer bellies". He would always point and comment enthusiastically whenever he saw someone with a belly that he appreciated.

We tried to teach him how to keep his comments on the down low, but since he was just so appreciate of the bellies he had a hard time understanding!

Good luck!

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