Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big Momma

I cannot remember the blog I read within the last week that got me thinking about all of the nonsense that comes out of my kids mouths. #2 is 5 and at that age were he just spews things I am so embarrassed about. When I was pregnant with #3, #2 dubbed me "Big Momma" with a "fat baby" in my belly . Well looking at the photo below I get it! My huge belly covered his body when he stood at my feet.
"Big Momma"

So keeping "Big Momma" and "fat baby" in mind, we are at Wal-mart standing in the dreaded pharmacy line, he is standing next to me holding my hand and #1 on my other side. He looks behind us and sees a lady and tells her "Wow, Lady you have a big belly too!" No, she wasn't pregnant and I should have apologized on the spot. Instead I gave him the look of death, pretend he didn't say anything AT ALL. Got my meds and headed out completely mortified. As soon as we got in the car I told him it was not okay to say things like that to anybody and he could only tell momma she has a big belly. What do you do when your kids say things they don't realize are terrible?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Last First Birthday

We are in the process of planning #3's First Birthday Bash and I am usually the one going a bit overboard on decorations and such so I am not quite sure of what is going on in the hubs head but he made this tiki for the party (really he made it). We are having a Luau themed party and he has been on the hunt :) for anything and everything tropical. 
The Tiki

 He is very savy in getting great deals. He is a craigslist junkie and traded wine for palm trees! Real Palm Trees.

These are the little ones!
He even got a box full of decorations for some wine. So to date we have only spent $21 dollars on the party! Wow, I love him! 
Not that long ago I was talking to a girlfriend about how differently we have been handling our 3rd child. My 3rd is my last as is hers (well as of today) our thought was this: Are we babying them because we know they are our last? Well I believe so, we carry #3 as often as she will let us (although my arms feel like they will crumble), we semi spoil her and apparently she may have the coolest first birthday of our 3 kids. We will see how this develops.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer List

 After I writing my list of 50 Things I want to do this Summer, I found that I want to have fun, be a little spontaneous, and adventurous. Everything I do is so planned and scheduled and not so fun. So yesterday the hubs and I did #2 on the list and had a spontaneous date night! Yay second one this month! A big THANK YOU to Nana for making this possible. We had a great night at Venteux Vineyards Industry Night. A perk of being in the wine industry it was FREE! Best date nights!  Last night technically takes #47 - Go wine tasting off my list too. But I think I might hit that one a couple times.   
So with the weekend here we are set to tackle a few more things on my list. I am going to be changing a few items and letting the kids add some in there too! I am such a cool mom. Yeah Right! But lets see this might just make for a pretty FUN summer and my kids might change there minds about me.Watch out here we come!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I don't know how I forgot to share this, but I was featured on Alison Sweeney's Website as "Mom of the Week". Not because I am a perfect mom, but because I the hubs knows how to let the kids tear it up when it come to eating. #2 has always been a messy eater and he is now passing that along to #3. Thanks Love, your ability to just let it go works sometimes :) See the link above for #2's picture.

50 Things I want to do this Summer...

50 things I want to do this Summer. That doen't mean I will do them but I want to and will make every effort to do so. Some I want to do with the kids some not so much. The list is in order of how they popped into my pretty little head.

  1. Have a Girls Night
  2. Have a Date night at least 2 times a month
  3. Go to the beach
  4. Go camping
  5. Go to The Happiest Place on Earth 
  6. Visit my Brother and his family
  7. Go to the Ravine Water Park
  8. Have more family BBQ's
  9. Keep running 3-4 times a week
  10. Run on the Beach
  11. Go on a Hike
  12. Go Kayaking
  13. Go on a Bike Ride
  14. Clean all the crap out of our house
  15. Have a garage sale and get rid of all that crap (one woman's trash is an other woman's treasure)
  16. Sit in the back yard with a glass of wine (kids sleeping)
  17. Sit in the back yard with a glass of wine (kids playing in the back)
  18. Go swimming
  19. Learn to Surf
  20. Go to Concerts in the park
  21. Get a maid for a week
  22. Inspire more people to get healthy and stick with it
  23. Take a summer writing class
  24. Sign the kids up for Karate
  25. Teach #2 & #3 to swim
  26. Laugh more
  27. Do a spontaneous day trip
  28. Go to New York for a week (I always said when I was younger I wanted to live there for a year, I can settle for a week)
  29. Take a bubble bath
  30. Swim with dolphins
  31. Have a backyard camp out
  32. Send my kids away for a week (I will settle for a day)
  33. Spend that week with the hubs(I will settle for a day)
  34. Read a whole book
  35. Go to the lake
  36. Go rafting
  37. Go floating down the river (with a beer in hand) no kids
  38. Take a yoga class
  39. Go visit Marin again
  40. Have a BBQ with Friends
  41. Layout (meaning relaxing in the sun while the kids play w/out fighting)
  42. Eat some Ribs!!!
  43. Try some new veggies
  44. Try some new fruits
  45. Go shopping (without a budget)
  46. Have a lunch date with a girlfriend
  47. Go wine tasting
  48. Go beer tasting
  49. See a good movie
  50. Go to the drive-in

What do you want to do this summer? List your top 5 in the comments :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Guilt is usually associated with doing something wrong. Yet, I find myself feeling guilty when I want to run, have a girl’s night, or just leave the house in general. I have even found myself feeling guilty about going to the grocery store. Now I don't always feel guilty, it usually happens when I leave the house by myself. Date nights I am good with, I don't feel bad when I leave the brats with their Grandma or Nana (Grandma - Hubs Mom & Nana - My Mom). Just leaving the hubs by himself.... Why?
Maybe it’s because I know, he knows, if I come home and any one of the brats went down for nap time late, heaven forbid skipped a nap or stayed up past bedtime I tend to lose it a little. I know, I know (because my dear sister NEVER lets me forget) I am a control freak but I am working on it. In my defense I only get upset because I am the one that deals with the repercussions.
#1 stays up past her normal 8:30pm bedtime, surely a bug must have crawled up her ass because the list below is just some of the things that NEVER fails to happen.
  • Eyes are rolling all over the house all day
  • Dirty looks are being thrown left and right
  • She breathes like a bear that just ran to catch its dinner
  • Don't you dare try and talk to her or you will regret it!! I will bet money on it!
All of the above = me taking deep breaths trying to keep myself sane and trying to walk away.
#2 Misses nap time or goes to bed late and the following happens.
  • Crying over #1's eyes rolling all over the house.
  • Legs turn to jello
  • Crying 
  • If you touch him you have now just socked him!
  • Oh, did I mention he cries?
All of the above = me taking deep breaths trying to keep myself sane and trying to walk away. This one is so far up my ass most days I can't walk away.

#3 misses a nap (this doesn't happen often, she is still too little)
  • Up throughout the night (I hate that less sleep = less sleep, WTF)
All of the above = Me up throughout the night looking at the hubs sleeping so soundly and wanting to sock wake him to help, sheer exhaustion the next day and extreme irritability.

Now I know I am not the only one out there. I recently had a conversation with my cousin about her feeling the same way when she needs to go shower. REALLY! How is it that fellas can go about their day without a care in the world (or so it seems) and us ladies are stricken with guilt?
We shouldn't feel guilty about taking care of ourselves physically (exercising or showering) or emotionally (getting the hell out of the house). We work, we cook, we clean and for what? To feel guilty.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Running .....From what?

So I am currently training for the Salinas Valley Half Marathon on August 6th. For those of you who don't know (its okay I didn't either) that would be 13.1 miles! That's insane right? I had always said "Heck yeah I will run... to save my life!" Well after I  had some major poundage come off of my body I noticed (who didn't) I had a lot of extra flab that just wasn't going to disappear on its own. No, I knew if I wanted to get anywhere close to having a body I felt confident and proud of I was going to have to work my ass off. So I did.

I started training for my first 5K back in January and little by little I started to love running. The training didn't come easy. I had to find time and someone to run with. Finding time back in January wasn't an easy task, #3 was only 6 months old and I was nursing. I found someone to run with, my friend Kamee (check out her blog, maybe she will start posting again!). We were getting up at 4:30am (depending on when #3 last nursed, I was and still do feel bad if the hubs has to deal with the brats on his own - but that is for another post) and running on the high school track. We followed a Couch to 5K  program and It turned out not to be as hard as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong it was not easy, I had to push myself, and little by little before I knew it I was running the Wine Country 1/2 Marathon & 5K. This was my first big goal and I am so proud to know I did it.

As of this week I only have 7 weeks left and am looking everywhere for the motivation to get up and run everyday. Now normally I would run in the evening and some nights I still do, but with the heat of summer approaching (excuse) I have been trying to get up in the a.m. and run but for some reason my pillow pulls my hair every morning not allowing me to get my ass out of bed. Damn pillow. With 1 husband, 3 kids, 1 dog and a house that is constantly whispering to me "I need to be clean, you can't leave the dishes in the sink, pick up those toys, and you really need to clean the kitchen floor" it is not easy (excuse). But it’s really not the house. It's the lazy chubby girl inside me I still deal with everyday. My house is really not so messy. The hubs is really very supportive of my new health change and when I do run in the evenings he will make dinner so by the time I get back it's time to eat! How sweet is that. He is a keeper.

Here are some tips I have if you are a Mommy or not but wanting to get a body you are confident and proud of but don't know how to start:
  1. Start by giving yourself a goal (start little).
  2. Make time (you really do have it).
  3. Stop making excuses! I use them and hate them!
  4. Work your way to your goal (it isn't going to happen overnight).
  5. I can't get your ass off the couch and exercise for you!
*These are my suggestions use them or not its up to you :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Search for a Healthy Me

Reading Mommy blogs is something I have really come to enjoy. And reading Kate Takes 5 blog post about "the best decisions of my life" helped me realize one of my best decisions was to lose weight.

I had always been told "you really need to lose weight, you have high cholesterol, you have high blood pressure, and you are borderline diabetic". But none of that really changed anything for me until I became pregnant with #3. I started eating healthier, took a prenatal yoga class, and walked everyday a lot through out my entire pregnancy. I didn't by any means go on a diet. I just started taking care of myself. I gained 18lbs, which may not seem like a lot but when you start out overweight it doesn't help. 
Wow can you imagine that in Child's Pose? EEK!

I loved the yoga class I took. I met some great women trying to do the same thing I was doing, be healthy. Although most of them were tiny little things which made me feel like a beached whale, I managed to make it through 7 months of weekly classes. I was able to stretch muscles I would have never thought a pregnant woman could.
I knew early in my pregnancy that I would be a bridesmaid in my best friend Marin's wedding (which may have prompted all of this) so as soon as my doc gave me the go ahead I joined Weight Watchers. I slowly started to lose the weight (1-2lbs a week). Making sure I ate healthy was extremely important to me as I was nursing a little nugget. By my 5th postnatal week I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight (plus I lost a little more). I was beyond happy I fit into "The Dress".

Now I know you are probably thinking "get the big girl off of her!"
But now what? I was still losing weight but with no real goal on the horizon. All of the extra skin was really starting to get to me. So my little nugget and I started to walk. And this is where the real journey begins...

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Alien

Those of you that have read my "About me" know I have a preteen. Everyday is a constant struggle. Every day, every thing, every word, every look, every smell, well you get the idea. I went to pick her up from the after school program yesterday and #2 asks her about her day and she says "it was bad". Of course being the wonderful mom I am (in my mind) I ask why? What happened? (We are now on dangerous ground this could be a really good talk or can spiral out of control) I wanted to kick myself after asking but she answered. Phew. This might be okay.  There is a lot of back in forth in the story she said this, they said that, I said this, and of course the and like and I was like. After lots of gibberish what I came up with is this - One girl that doesn't like her is trying to turn all of her friends against her. Okay my heart is now breaking, the thought of someone hurting my brats feelings is not okay. But I don't dare say anything and just listened. Hey I think I might have learned something that worked today. Just listen. As the night went on things went really great, she vented and felt a little better (I hope).
And now thinking back to being in middle school I can remember the same drama. I hate to admit it but I was that mean girl not because it was in me to be mean but because I was so easily persuaded to do terrible things. I can only hope I have shown #1 she doesn't need to be that mean girl. It's not worth it.