Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Chapter

They last few weeks have been kind of crazy. I was offered a job at another winery that I could not refuse.Yes, I get lots of wine! I have been ready for a move like this for quite sometime. I had been struggling, constantly looking for what is next in life. Although I am not sure that this is it, I have made the move and right now this is the right direction/place for me.
So with this new job it is now a requirement to look professional. So you know what that means, I got to go shopping and guilt free. I am so excited to dress up for work. And for my first day this is what I wore.
Ignore the marker and other crap on the floor!
Blouse - from Forever 21 - $17.50
Cami - from JCPenny (Arizona) - $2.99
Pants - from Khols (Candies) - $22.00
Flats - from Target - Had them in the closet :)

Yay for new clothes!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ahh where to begin

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted anything, not that I have this mass following and all of you are wondering if I fell of the face of the earth but I have been busy and was talking a little time off from work before the kids when back to school. So lets play catch up, shall we?
 After running the half marathon I started to realize I might have just a tinge of anxiety again. I kind of lost it a little when I woke up from a nap after the half marathon to find the hubs napping himself. I didn't really put all of the pieces together until after talking with someone and telling myself "Oh, yeah your chewing the inside of your mouth again, oh, your shoulders are to your ears, super tense and you cant' seem to relax at all". Well now that I have become aware I am working on controlling it without medication for the time being we will see what happens. I am not quite sure how I feel about sharing this but I am sure there are plenty of you out there that can relate.

Who would have thougth this proud running mama would be like this at the end of the day?

Then came taking a week off of work to spend with the kids before school starts and preping for #3's first birthday party. To start it all off the hubs took me the raging loony out a Latin Jazz concert at a winery :) He is so smart. We had a blast.
On our first official day off we went to the beach and the kids and they had so much fun! So did I. I was actully able to relax and get a nice sunburn because of course I remembered sunblock for everyone else excpet me. Someone had to get stung by bee and it had to be baby :( She wasn't going to let that get in her way of the waves. When she is at the beach nothing gets her down.

And these little monkeys had so much fun. They could literally walk across the ocean, the water barley came to there chest. The down fall of all of this fun..... NO naps and a lot of whining. Oh, yeah and the A holes that sat right next to us and lit up there cigarettes. Blah! I really dislike cigarettes and it is their choice to smoke but I find it so rude to smoke in public areas.

:) My little baby turned 1 and was so happy with her slide from Nana & Papa.

Her auntie made her his amazing birthday cake. Thank you sister I know it took a long, long time. Love you!

I finally had some extra time to make my Lil Birthday Girl a luau tutu.

#1 started her first day of 7th grade and #2 started Kindergarten. Wow, I know I am not old but geeze la wheeze I am really starting to feel it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Really a Half Marathon

So I finished my first half marathon last Saturday and I was so nervous for so many reasons.

1. I had never ran 13.1 miles before or 12,,11, 10, 9 or 8 miles before.
2. I was running by myself
3. I had no idea where to go
4. We had to have the Family up and out the door by 6am
5. I forgot my iPod :(
6. I REALLY wanted to run the whole thing.

Right before the race started this lovely lady and I started talking. I immediately calmed down and felt relaxed and pumped. Seeing the first mile marker was tough, normally when I run I don't track it until after I have ran, I just watch my time (beside my normal 5 mile run during the week, toot, toot!). But realizing how far just 1 mile really is and that I now had 12 more to go was kind of nauseating. I pushed though talking to myself the whole time saying things like "just make it to 5, because you do that everyday and after that you can complain or walk if you really need to". Well I made it to mile 7 and came upon a wonderful HUGE little hill. I then said of course to myself again I don't do this all the time well maybe sometimes "okay just get up this hill and you can walk down if you need to". So I am going, going turn the corner and " WTF, its more hill, enough I am tired and I can't burn out" so I walked up the HUGE little hill. After that I got my breathing back under control and powered on. By mile 9 my legs were so tight and starting to feel like peg legs so I moved to the side to stop stretch, heard someone say "1hr 43min and" blah blah seconds, Wooohooo! and motored on.

 I finished the race at 2hrs 9 minutes and 37 second! And from what I hear that is a pretty good time for a first timer.

Now that the nervousness is gone I feel proud, amazed, strong, and this overwhelming feeling of I can do whatever I want to as long as I REALLY want to do it. :)

By the way I finally got to relax and have a warm bath when we got home, this was a time I wish we had a Jacuzzi.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's What I Love About Him...

I am linking up with the Multitasking Mumma on her Its what I love about him post.
Obviously, duh. I love him or I wouldn't have married him. I am certain I could tell him I love him more often and probably forget about him all the time sometimes, but here is a little post of just some of what I love about him.

Takes time to let little man act like a big man.

Made his own little wine label :) He can do anything he wants to, seriously and sometimes he forgets that.

He became a single father at a very young age and changed his old partying ways for her!

He thinks comb overs are side ponies.

He works extremely hard to provide for his family.
His children are his world.
He is so damn handsome.
He is really good at surprises as long as he remembers not to tell my mom or sister :)
He puts up with my shenanigans.
He thinks he is a comedian.
He always has some smart ass comment to make. (Maybe where #1 gets it from...hummm)


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning Hustle

I got an email last week from my friend Candice and she told me this hilarious story of her morning hustle.

"Running late for work this morning, Jada doesn't wanna get dressed, I'm tossing my hair in a bun because I have no time to style it.. as I am locking the door and dripping sweat with my hands full of stuff Jada says so sweetly.."mama.. I peed." ahhhhhhh LMBO I was like your kidding right???"

So i asked what did you do? and she said...

"Well... I seriously had to laugh at that point like... okay I have no choice but to go in put my stuff down clean her up and change her. I was SO late for work.. "

I think she handled this so well because I probably would have nutted up and of course gone back inside and cleaned up but you know I am not so sure anymore. I am learning to laugh about all of the little things that make life funny. Her story actually reminded me of a several months ago when #3 was still getting up throughout the night to nurse and I was zonked. I was getting myself and #2 ready (#1 can do it all by herself she is a big girl now just in case you didn't know) #3 is still sleeping so I go in and get her so I can change her diaper. I grab all my stuff.

I really take all of this shit everyday, but this is now. When this incident happened I was still nursing so I had a big black bag with my pump and accessories in addition to all of this, oh and the baby.
So everything is running smooth. I get to work go to the bathroom ahh, the only toilet I can use and have peace and quite. was my hand and look down at my shirt and what do I see... POOP! I have poop on my shirt! Good thing I didn't lick it thinking it was chocolate!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Mom Pledge

I have just taken The Mom Pledge. I have seen this button in the sidebar of almost all of the blogs I follow and wondered what they were but never looked into them until today.
BWS tips button

The Pledge in a nut shell is Social Networking Moms joining together to stop cyberbulling, to treat fellow bloggers with respect and to refuse to acknowledge mean comments.

 I read about the pledge when I saw a cruel comment on a blog I follow and love. It is really terrible to know someone can be so mean and even attack another woman and her children period. We are all doing our best to be a great mothers to our children and how we decide to parent is our choice.

I decide to blog because I needed a space that I could call my own, a space that I could write what I wanted and not be judged because really you can judge me if you want to but  if you keep those mean comments to yourself I will never know :) and I love that. And if you really feel the need to say something mean or that I may not like guess what, I will delete it :)  So this pledge to me is giving me the freedom to really use my blog for what I want. So thank you Elisabeth for starting this.  

Taking time for me

So I took last Saturday off from my mommy duties (cleaning house, changing diapers, telling kids to stop, saying "no", making lunch and dinner the list goes on)! Yay! I went and hung out with a few of my girlfriends from High School. Well I guess I lied because I did make lunch just not for my kids. We had Shrimp Ceviche and I will share this delicious recipe just not today:)

Aww. Two of my loves Marin and Katie the girls that have known me since the 7th grade and have been there for me through everything. We don't talk as often as we would like but when we get together it just works and seems like we haven't missed anything!

The beers started at about 2pm and not sticking to my diet I lived it up and used all my weekly points on drinking :{

We ventured to Melville, a Winery not far from Marin's house and had some fantabulous wines. A nice cool glass of Viogner.

And a chilled glass of Pinot Noir.

And after 2 bottles of wine were still able to take a decent picture.

That totally rockin' motor home behind us, yup that was us, we cruised in that to the winery.

Then we relaxed by the pool!

My saggy non-existent boobies and all.

And the Ceviche was gone!

And after all of that I passed out at 11:45pm, slept in till 6am WTF!
And came home to my little munchkin with a comb over that daddy calls a side ponytail. I can't say I agree but I let her rock the comb over all day. The older two stayed with Grandma. I don't know about you but I think the hubs got off pretty easy.

And taking that time for me made me so refreshed I was able to get right back in gear and start yelling at some kids and throwing punishments around like nobodies business!